Nationality :
Age :
52 y.o.
Residing :
Drawing, Painting
Artist certified Art Traffik :
Artist’s prices ranging from
11 € to 5 000 €
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Introducing pepelepew

My name is Emily Krill, and I’m writing to share my work with you and hopefully join your stable of artists.  I’m a found paper collage artist, and I make large-scale work.  I cut and paste paper ephemera like ledger paper and canceled checks from the 1880s, 1960s player piano paper, 1950s blueprints, 1970s mimeographs, 1940s homework, and contemporary patterned paper.  I take these mundane materials and make collages that are playful and vivid.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work, and hope to connect with you soon,

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