Idoia Oliden
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27 y.o.
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Idoia Oliden
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"A portrait is not a likeness. As soon as an emotion or a fact is translated into a photo, it ceases to be a fact and becomes an opinion."

Idoia Oliden

Introducing Idoia Oliden

As a photographer with a passion for portraiture and visual storytelling, I'm constantly inspired by the rich human stories behind every face. My artistic journey began at an early age, cradled in the world of photography by my father, himself a former photographer. This passed-on passion prompted me to ask for my first camera at the age of 5, and since then my love for the art has continued to grow.

Each shot I capture is imbued with this fascination for the human and its ability to express a multitude of emotions. Through my work, I seek to capture the very essence of my subjects and tell their story, whether obvious or subtle. My style is characterized by an authentic and sensitive approach to portraiture, where each shot is an invitation to dive into a unique and captivating universe.

Whether through intimate portraits or elaborate stagings, my goal remains the same: to captivate the viewer and invite him or her to explore the different facets of the human soul. As you browse through my work, I hope you'll feel that same deep connection with my subjects and be transported by the visual narratives I'm honored to share.

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