Jean-François Larrieu
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64 y.o.
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Jean-François Larrieu
Painting and digigraphie
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Beauty is everywhere around us. We must worship it in order to preserve it.

Jean-François Larrieu

Introducing Jean-François Larrieu

Jean-Francois is an artist of Life, in the universal sense of the word. His artworks, just as the “whole” that composes the universe, are an assembly of elements, signs, and codes, like the chaos from which order and Life are created.


“From micro-organisms to the cosmos, everything is made of the same elements, and create a universal whole. It is the assembly of these elements, with their endless combinations, which creates a tree, a fish or a flower…”.


A complex assembly we find in each of Jean-Francois’s artworks. With his color palette and what he calls “his alphabet”, continually enriched with new symbols, each artwork gives birth to a unique “one”, whose sum composes the Whole.

It is this richness, if not profusion, which produces the fierceness and ability to rediscover each artwork, indefinitely and tirelessly, by the person admiring it. By observing new details, or seeing the painting as a whole, one will be transported towards a new emotion. Between the infinitely small and the infinitely big, explored and sublimated by his lively colors, each artwork is as rich as it is intense.

His paintings, in that aspect, “do us good”; they help us escape and travel, both mentally and physically, rediscovering Worlds, with his landscapes taken from his own travels (Manhattan, Dubai, Hong Kong…), his multicultural “Trees of Life” or his underwater spheres. Worlds that Jean-Francois reinterprets with all the generosity that embodies him, which permeates in his artworks. Hence, he offers us the pleasure of admiring them and enjoying the Beauty of Life we often take for granted or have even forgotten.

Jean-Francois is an artist whose precocious talent brought him early acknowledgement as an Artist. Internationally renowned, President of the Taylor Foundation, Honorary President of the Autumn Fair, exhibited in museums around the world, his paintings and his style have evolved incessantly; they continue to progress still.

His present work is the fruit, not the culmination, of an artistic journey which began with a classical style worthy of the Renaissance, that has led him progressively to this profusion of colors, abstractedly depicted.


Art Traffik is pleased to present to you Art & Beauty.

His original paintings are sold at prices inaccessible for many, but because Jean Francois shares the same will as us to make Art accessible to all, Art Traffik has the privilege to offer his Digigraphies: limited prints, numbered and signed, sold at accessible prices.


Upon request, these digigraphies can be “tailored” by the artist : with his paintbrush, he revives and illuminates the print, hence making it a unique piece, and as authentic as the original painting.


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