Olivier Chalmin
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68 y.o.
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Olivier Chalmin
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I am convinced that the body expresses what the soul feels, our inner thoughts

Olivier Chalmin

Introducing Olivier Chalmin

Oliver Chalmin is an artist with an atypical career path…born into a family of artists, he chose “the other side of the fence”. Enrolled simultaneously in a business school and art classes at the Louvre School, Olivier became an art gallery director. In Paris, Houston, Los Angeles…a career during which he built his own collection of artists he loves and have inspired him. A dedicated aficionado, with a keen eye, his DNA is imbued with Art and fully expresses itself, but with one frustration: although he would like to expose sculptures, he never really finds what he “wants”. The Gulf War which crippled the art market combined with the death of his business partner led to an upheaval and a self-questioning, an introspection : Olivier decides to return to Europe where he lets his imagination roam freely towards his yearning for sculptures…after having taken sculpting and anatomy courses at the Parisian academy Petrus, he began creating his first artworks and exhibiting in Paris, in 2000 : instant success. An artist was born. Soon after, he set up his own workshop, and several exhibitions followed, in France and around the world.

His artworks ? They explore the body… at first, the human body, then animals, notably bullfighting, inspired by his Basque origins. Regardless of the subject, all throughout his creations, Olivier constantly searches for refinement in the lines and curves, which contribute to the aesthetics and the emotions induced by his artworks.


A quest for technical perfection he considers to be “an instrument of thought”, of Creation. In this aspect, Olivier is a tenacious artist, brimming with very high standards when creating his artworks. This also explains why bronze was the obvious choice of material…his youth having been influenced by Ancient Greek Masters, of which his father was an expert, and the refinement of such material. It comes as no surprise that Rodin and Camille Claudel are his references, in every sense of the word. And there is also the patina…last but crucial step in Olivier’s sculpting process, because it allows to achieve the desired lines and curves, with a light-and-shadow game, ultimately exalting the sculptures.

In the same way he tries to reproduce the Living, human or animal, his artworks are all unique and original, by means of the lost-wax technique. Each sculpture is the result of a long development process, initiating with a drawing…searching for the right posture, lines, curves, character; the singular DNA of each creation. And where Olivier sets himself apart, beyond the uniqueness, is his ability to bestow a soul on his sculptures, to convey their thoughts, hence making them perceptible.


OsCar, Olga, and even Leon, his latest works which Art Traffik is proud to present, are perfect examples. For instance, when speaking of OsCar, Olivier says “OsCar is ageless, without race or nationality. He is only “of his era”, he is universal, a present yet silent family member, like a lasting confidant, whose eyes neither judge nor expound. Only his attitude and apparel are a translation of his thoughts and spirit.” The same goes for Leon and Olga, which I can attest to, having heard testimonies of people that brought one home : “they are companions, confidants, we love them.”


Which one will become your friend, your confidant ? Which posture, which stance of these universal characters will stir you the most ? Which outfit will charm you most ? The choice is yours !



Auguste Rodin Germaine Richier Alberto Giacometti



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