Buy-back guarantee

5 year buy-back guarantee, at the original selling price

Because Art Traffik’s selection has proven its worth, with its capacity to unearth talented, up and rising artists, and in order to simplify, reassure, and demystify the purchase of an artwork, we offer the first buy-back guarantee, at its selling price, during 5 years following your purchase.

How does it work ?

At time of purchase :

If the artist, whose artwork you wish to purchase is covered by the guarantee, you may subscribe to the guarantee by signing the corresponding contract agreement, which mentions the terms and conditions.


Its cost :

10% (including taxes) of the artwork’s price, added to the final retail price once the contract has been signed.

∎ 1st year

The artwork remains in your possession.



∎ 2nd & 3rd year

We will give you a purchase voucher in exchange for the artwork you had bought, at the full value of your purchase, to be redeemed in our catalog, thus allowing you to change artworks if you’d like.

∎ 4th & 5th year

Same as above except this time you’ll also be able to choose between a purchase voucher or a refund, always the full value of your purchase.


During the duration of the guarantee :

o We’ll keep you informed : each year, we will let you know, by email, the updated value of your artwork, depending on the artist’s art market value.

o We’ll organize the resale of your artwork if you wish to sell it to someone else (and make a nice profit if its value has increased), free of charge.


In need of information or advice ?


Looking for personalized assistance ? Contact us !

Simply put : our team is mobilized, ready to bend over backwards to bring you satisfaction and that high quality, Art Traffik experience !

The Art Traffik Perks

Buy-back guarantee at the purchase price
Because Art Traffik’s selection has proven its worth, and we wish to simplify and demystify the purchase of art, Art Traffik offers the first 5-years buy-back guarantee, at the selling price.
Payment in installments free of charge
Treat yourself to an artwork by paying in instalments ? Art Traffik has decided to break all barriers that may hinder your acquisition of the artwork you love. We accept payments in instalments, WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COSTS OR FEES.
Exclusive for companies & liberal professionals
Philanthropy law or better yet, art leasing, we will explain all the possible advantages of purchasing art.
The resale of artworks
Looking to resell an artwork ? Take advantage of our website to find a potential buyer, within our community. No fees or commission.
Advice on buying art
To find out more about an artwork, an artist, benefit from our expertise or “take a tour”, do not hesitate, it would be our pleasure!
Art as a gift / The boxed set
Offer beauty, give the gift of art! A simple purchase, or a group gift, offer the Art Traffik gift box. A gift certificate or a particular artwork, discover our gift ideas.