Sandrine  Jarrosson
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Sandrine Jarrosson
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I am in unison with the artwork I create, connected to the here and now ; magic operates like an invisible hand guiding my creation.

Sandrine Jarrosson

Introducing Sandrine Jarrosson

Visiting Sandrine Jarrosson’s workshop, in her house here in the southwest, was like entering a peace haven, filled with colors, serenity and light. Her paintings are the incarnation of that peace; Sandrine pervades plenitude in her artworks, and painting them gives her fulfilment.


As she would say, painting transcends her emotions, and her creations are not hers but rather those of an energy force which she vectors through her paint brush. Energy of the earth, energy from nature, and spiritual and cosmic energies. Is she referring to some form of alchemy ?


Perhaps, and I must say that her artworks are very close to that alchemy, inciting your mind to escape, an invitation to a voyage of peace, through radiance.


After having explored all other forms of painting, abstract has become her greatest achievement. The same goes for oil painting, having previously explored watercolors. Painting has been a journey, within herself, which has accompanied her personal quest and bringing stability. It is obvious that her artworks are a manifestation of that journey.

It is this “all” which distinguishes Sandrine’s abstract paintings. It is that supplement of soul and spirituality, of energy and, most of all, the alchemy which guide her strokes, her choice of colors, from which stems the Light, making them unique and universal.


Her palette of colors is very similar to those used in impressionism, with the soft and natural touch it brings to her paintings.


This isn’t an inspired choice, but rather a consequence. Color would be nothing without light, and here also resides Sandrine’s talent. This is a rare and precious quality in the abstract way of painting, where it is usually lacking.


She reveals this light and magnifies it with varnish, just like the glitter she mixes to her paint, in just the right amounts.

Paintings come into being, which at first glance, are perceived as landscapes. But let yourself be transported and you will find peace, infinitely; pure emotion. A haven a peace, which depending on day’s light, will caress the canvas, bringing it to life; awakening and radiating certain areas.


I often say that it I am not easily seduced, or even bewitched by the abstract paintings I see. But here I must admit that I never had a doubt; I left Sandrine’s workshop enchanted and marveled.


I wish the same bliss to everyone that will acquire one of her artworks, for it will surely brighten their days



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